Every effort is very valuable for breast feeding. Because the baby breastmilk as food for at least one year best . All meet the nutritional needs of the child breastmilk.

The baby’s body with the antibodies (Antibody) which creates a variety of children to protect from infection, allergy (Allergy) to prevent the growth and acts as a shield with asthma and obesity.
Mother breast feeding:
Mother breast feeding her rapid weight loss during pregnancy helps increase. A recent study found that mothers who breastfeed their children with breast cancer
(Breast-Cancer) and ovarian cancer (Ovarian Cancer) can reduce the risk.

Many remained poor mothers can not breast feed their babies. Because they do not have enough breastmilk.

This is one of the main causes of breast milk is not enough, inadequate food and fluid intake, and take more disturbing than the child irregular way or breastfeed for a short period of time.
there we try to some tips for you how to Some natural, some tips to increase breast milk

Some natural, some tips to increase breast milk :

  1. received a balanced diet. Experts recommend taking 2500 calories per day.
  2. to drink plenty of water. Can not produce enough milk if the mother’s body is never less than the amount of drinking water.
  3. night’s sleep as much as possible and look at the sleeping child to sleep through the night.
  4. regular light exercise.
  5. to take home to share with relatives, which is not much pressure on myself.
  6. frequent breastfeeding breast milk increases.
  7. by a bowl of oatmeal every day (Oatmeal) eat.
  8. Above this tips may helpful for your life ,please try to  this in your life .

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