How to become an *approach machine* and how to become totally fearless about approaching the women you desire.
Today you’ll discover the”inner game”of approaching women on the street.
First, remember – in this situation, more than almost any other with a woman, she’s going to be looking to you for how well the interaction is going.

You must be willing to take the chance of believing that you approaching her is okay and not upsetting.
Put bluntly – If you are upset, she will see that in you and she will become upset, too.

This doesn’t mean you have to not be nervous – you can be nervous, just know inside of yourself that it’s okay to be nervous approaching her.

You might even mention that fact when you are talking to her: “Boy, I’m a little nervous approaching you like this, but I really thought it would be worth the chance to introduce myself and just say hello.” This can be disarming.

What doesn’t work is looking to  her to figure out how to feel. Don’t wait for her to relax before you do.
You relax first, that gives her permission to relax, too. So when you do approach her, smile.

Most women will have two main concerns when you approach them:
“What is he going to do to me?”
“How long will it take?”
For this reason you might want to use a variation of the Goodbye Introduction. You might say, “Hi, I don’t usually do this and I only have a moment, but I saw you and just had to introduce myself before I left. My name is David.”

She will then give you some answer. Because you’ve made it clear you are leaving, it relaxes her — which, paradoxically, makes it more likely you’ll be able to start a conversation with her.

If she smiles and says, “Hi, my name is Stephanie,” then your instinct was probably pretty good that she was interested, too. If she glares and grunts, do the Three-Step Rejection Process and move on.
Now you can risk a short conversation, but this is really going to depend on how responsive she is to you.
If there is a mutual attraction, then you can move on to making more conversation, perhaps asking, “What’s the story behind that?” about something she’s wearing or holding.

If things really take off, you can try to go for a Priming Date right then. “Hey, you know, talking with you is really pretty amazing… I don’t have conversations like this every day. Would you like to get a cup of coffee and talk for a while?”

She’ll probably answer, “Now?” and you can either do it right then, or ask for her number or email and set it up later.

The odds are, however, that she’s not going to be overwhelmingly enthusiastic… she’ll be too scared and surprised to really get into a relaxed conversation with you, or she’ll be on her way somewhere or late or have a boyfriend or whatever. So you’ll want to get her contact information pretty fast, and let her go.

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