With a few exceptions here and there, you can’t really be too blunt about wanting to get a woman into bed when you are talking to her, at least not right away. Yes, there are some women who will jump into bed pretty quickly, but they are not the norm, and many times, it should make you think twice if she’s a little too easy. When trying to seduce a woman, conversation is a really big deal. Say the right things and lead her to the point where she’s thinking what you are thinking, and it is a lot more likely that you will end up having her wake up next to you in the morning.

How do you lead the conversation, though, if you want to get a woman into bed with you?
Obviously, you cannot be too blatant about wanting to get her into bed, or else you are going to look like a typical, out to get laid kind of guy and they usually end up alone at home more than anything else. So, where do you begin?

More than anything else, humor works wonders to build up the rapport and the comfort that you need to have with a woman when you want to be able to escalate things later on. Self deprecating humor is not usually the best choice, though. Yes, some guys can pull that off and still do well, but that’s rare, really. Crack a joke about someone else, without being too mean. If you see someone entering into a club with a ridiculous outfit, make a quick quip about it just to make her laugh.
Once she is comfortable with you and you can feel that there is some real rapport, escalate the conversation a little more.

Think of your conversation as being one step after another that is going to lead to what you really want. So, with each step, you are really escalating a little more. After getting her to laugh and feel some comfort with you, you can easily use a little bit of sexual innuendo in a humorous way and slowly begin to escalate the conversation a little more. Keeping the sexual innuendo humorous is usually a good choice, because it is still safe and it does not immediately send her the signal that you want to get laid.

As you escalate the conversation, you want to add into physical touch to take things further.
While you can get pretty far on your words alone to build up a lot of sexual tension and sexual attraction with a woman, adding in physical touch into the mix will help you to be able to get past just talking and into a more intimate encounter. Here’s the rub about using physical touch, though. With most women, not all, you have to take this in small steps as well. You don’t want to immediately try to get your hands on her more intimate parts, you need to lead it there slowly.https://kzprivat.com/

Using conversation as a way to get a woman into bed with you can be incredibly effective, as long as you don’t move ahead of yourself and you follow each step so that she remains comfortable with where you are leading her. Hey, it’s your role as a man to lead a woman, the thing is, you have to do it in a way that feels ‘safe’ to her.

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