In fact, the secret of a good relationship is in respecting your partner and not expecting a response to your feelings and actions. If you follow these rules – your relationship will be long and happy. Find more useful tips in this article. 

Be clever to keep your relationship

No matter how perfect your relationship is, sooner or later a critical point will come, after which everything will be in crisis. Habitual words, flowers on holidays, and the daily routine will become a usual obligation. In this situation, it is really important to remember how recently you looked at your partner with passion at If everything was fine and you didn’t spoil everything, then it can be fixed. 

Remember how you started a relationship. Everything was new, you wanted to open your partner, everything was interesting and unusual. You have come across everything for the first time and it only fueled your interest. The basic concept of this method is to return your relationship to the “Happiness” stage. The whole idea is to kill the routine or monotony. However, remember that constant gifts and surprises, too, sooner or later become a routine. Thereby, sometimes you need to keep a distance. However, if you do it all the time, then sooner or later it will fail, and you will get the exact opposite effect. And it is important to realize it.

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