Did you ever find it harder than it should be to get a woman interested in you? I know I have and so have most men. For some guys, it will always remain a mystery to them why they cannot seem to get more interest from women, but there are some guys who actually unravel this mystery and you can be one of them. The trick is, you have to try and step outside of yourself and get into the mind of a woman and that can be quite difficult. However, if you CAN actually get into the mind of a woman, you can easily see why most men don’t generate the kind of interest that they want to.

Let me explain a little more. Okay, we all know deep down inside that we don’t just want to get women interested in us, what we really want to do is to generate interest from women we find to be incredibly attractive and desirable. So, that really is the kind of woman who you have to «figure out» if you want things to change. And one thing that you need to realize is that desirable women DO play by a different set of rules than just your average woman.

Because they can!

Here’s 3 ways that most guys fail to spark any interest with desirable women:

  1. They approach her with the mindset that she is better than they are.
    Like it or not, if you approach a woman and you are clearly giving off the vibe that she is better than you are… she’s probably not going to have much interest in you. Sure, she might like the half dozen compliments that you reel off in the first 60 seconds of meeting her, but it certainly is not going to make her want you. Why? Because you are not the first guy who has tried to win her over with flattery and you certainly will not be the last.
  2. They don’t know how to talk to her in a way that creates curiosity in her mind.
    If a woman is going to be interested in you, then she needs to be curious about you. She’s got to wonder, who is this guy and she’s got to find herself wanting to answer that question by getting to know you. Problem is, if you are talking to her like you are an open book, then there is nothing there for her to be curious about. Trigger her curiosity and you stand a good chance that she is going to want to satisfy that urge to get to know you better.
  3. They don’t know how to ‘play the game.’
    Generating attraction and interest should be fun and enjoyable for you and the woman you want to become interested in you. And yes, there is a game to this and you have to play it in order to actually experience it. A lot of guys tend to have the idea that there should be no games and that really is not a realistic take on the way that attraction works at all.

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