The complicated conquest is to blame for each and sensual love story that occurs on the road. It is also the cornerstone of any relationship and should be practiced in day to day with the small details and the conduct of any romantic idea that comes to mind. Conquest is the first step in forming the couple, but once that special person has fallen into our web, we must not forget to continue conquering every time we can if we want that person to stay with us.
Knowing how to conquer will give you a lot of joy through the whole relationship.

But… How to get it? How to take this essential first step in a way he or she will succumb to our desires? Many times a conquer can be a difficult task. Seduction formulas do not work the same way in all people, and what worked with someone in the past may not work again.   Although there is still no foolproof way to seduce a girl or a boy, there are certain tricks and moves that give good effects in terms of seduction involved and these are some of them:

Greetings are the first step. Many times the person you like is very shy and would never dare to come to talk. A simple greeting of friendship can break that barrier. In addition, this innocent gesture will give you a very attractive air of sympathy. Stand beside him and casually say “Hello, how are you?” and ready waiting for his response, the greeting is enough to start a broader conversation.
Use body language. Our attitude can be demonstrated through our postures and gestures. Gestures such as eye contact, leaning forward and nodding will open path of conquest. Go ahead, use your body language!
Make physical contact. Do not be afraid to make small, subtle touches. Strokes her hair, touches his arm or rubbing his hand … you’ll see how the doors begin to open!
Take possession of cyber tools ! Nothing better for the shy ones, than to use the Chat or email to talk to the person you like and suggest a date later.
Smile. A smile shows interest and kindness. Smile to seduce .
Talk, do not remain silent. Listen and pay attention to what the other person says, that will give you ideas to initiate topics of conversation. Do not forget that there is nothing worse in a first date that silence.
Practice good manners. It is important that at all times you show your kindness and education with the person you want to conquer. Details such as opening the door, wait for your date’s plate before you start eating, run her chair back so she can seat, avoid the bad words and say thank you, these manners can give you many points in the conquest.
Make her feel good with your words. Compliment the person you want to win with pretty phrases that highlight some of their attributes. Do not fall into the ordinary; you should make sure you say something is true that he or she can believe.

Basic conquering principles

To learn how to conquer you have to be very clear about some basic rules that must always be fulfilled. Having a successful achievement depends in large part to meet the points listed below:
Always be yourself. Let the other person fall in love with you as you are. Tell the truth about your tastes, passions, dreams, hobbies and beliefs, invite your conquest to know the great person you are.
Be positive . Before, after and during the event. If you show positivism the other person will feel more comfortable and more willing to meet you.
Show off your romantic side . A bit of romance and tenderness will pave the way.
Create a good reputation . If you know other people who also know that someone you like, get them to speak well of you, so you can have ​​a good impression before getting there. Keeping that impression after it will depend on you.
Show yourself naturally , bring out your charms! Beware, some of these personal charms, will only come to appreciation after some time of the relationship. Prepare well the ones you want to be known in the first date.
Pay attention! Always listen carefully to the words coming out of the mouth of the person you like and watch their gestures, so you can realize the things you love and what bores you. When we are with that someone who interests us it is essential that he or she knows that we are paying enough attention.
100% hygiene . Always have fresh breath and hair in place, if you smell of sweaty it’s to better stay away …
Pay attention to the details with that person . If you do not know how to conquer that person, give little details that have special meaning. You also have to know that the romantic details are what will take you to the top in the hard work that comes in the conquest.
Put these tips on how to conquer into practice and show the best of yourself!

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