Well seduction isn’t always pure sex—there is sensuality involved, but full on sex and nudity isn’t always part of the picture. I don’t know why it has to be Skype per se in terms of seducing long distance (I assume it’s long distance, otherwise you’d not be on a computer, you’d be hanging out in real time?). You don’t need Skype really, just a way to communicate with him. Remember, seduction is about games. So as long as you can communicate with your man, you’ll be ok.

I have been in many long distance relationships, and I’ve never gotten naked on Skype in any of them. Do I occasionally send nude photos? Yes. Topless only though. Do I make sex tapes when we are together and send them clips now and then? Absolutely. But the biggest thing that keeps the relationship together is maintaining the interest over a long period of time without physical sex. That is done by daily contact, reminding him of you, and done in a playful way that intrigues him and makes him WANT to see you again.

So flirt a lot over text or on the phone, and keep it engaging. Don’t just spend day in and day out asking «so how was your day?». Send him funny jokes, make up inside jokes between the two of you, send him interesting articles you come across on the internet, and photos or stories of cool shit that happened to you during the day. And of course, keep it sexy, but not always sexual. Send the hearts and the little kissy faces, and like I said, drop a tasteful nude in there every now and again. If you have nudes together or video together, that works even better!

As for Skype, like I said, I’ve never done it, but I would keep the same sorta rules—keep it interesting and playful and funny, and maybe flash some discreet cleavage here and there, and make sure you have engaging conversations.

I also have to add that SOME drama can also keep his attention—as much as guys say they hate it, drama does keep people’s attention more than the same boring shit every day. So if you feel like he’s growing distant from you, or not contacting you as much as you’d like, stop contacting him entirely for a few days. That will freak him out and make him start thinking about what it would be like to lose you entirely. Then, when you come back, be mysterious about where you disappeared to. Be vague and if he asks for more information, just say something generic like «oh I was sick». It will make him guess about what you were doing, and when someone is guessing about you, they are thinking about you, and sometimes all it takes for a man to really fall for you is to realize what life would be like without you in it.
Also, sometimes it pays to really start drama without any good reason. Feel grumpy that day and he didn’t respond fast enough? Be a bitch to him. Just be sure it’s over something—pick something, even something small, but don’t just be dramatic over nothing. Sometimes the fighting and the drama can bring you closer, and it always gives you a chance to really test him to see if he’s into you. Also, when you fight, you get a chance to really stand up and set the rules for how you want to be treated. In addition, you also get to make up after fights, and get to get lots of «I love yous!»;)

This is hard technique to navigate properly so be careful, and know that you do risk losing him if you two aren’t close enough yet, and you don’t feel pretty secure about the relationship. So only use this method if you know him pretty well, and know that a little drama won’t send him running for the hills.
I also have to say that the key to long distance relationships is staying in touch, but not OVER-SHARING. A lot of people make the mistake of smothering their partner when they are separated. I know that you both wish that you were together in the same place, but you’re not, and no amount of electronic communication will change that. Let him be, and make sure you stay distant enough to retain his interest, but engaged enough so that he doesn’t forget you. Once a day, maybe twice, texting or calling is enough. And don’t forget the cute little sexy photos and video clips here and there. It’s not about who can get the raunchiest on Skype, so don’t feel like you have to. Seduction is more about maintaining interest than it is blatant sex.
Good luck!

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