Learn To Approach So you have set up an online dating profile surfed around for a few days, read some profiles and have started to add some very attractive women to your short list of girls you would like to get in contact with and show them you are interested.

So what do you do next, well there are two different trains of what to do, neither of them are wrong and neither of them are write as they both can work for you.
There is a group of people out there who will tell you should send a wink/kiss/hug first which is free to see if she is interested before you send an email, others like me will say forget this part just go straight to the email why mess around? If you were out would you get a friend to go up to a girl you like and ask is it ok if you approach her? Of course not, you would just walk up to her and start a conversation with her. Now yes I know that 99% of online services charge to send an email big deal it is a couple of bucks if that, don’t be tight!
When you email there are six things to keep in mind.
1)      Keep it under 150 words. Type your email in MS word and keep a count, the reason for this if it too long it will just be deleted and it will also check your spelling and grammer. Keep it short and straight to the point.
2)      Never use these words in the email “Princess”, “Love”, “Darling”, “Sweetie” or “Sexy” just as you never would say these when you are in a bar or club
3)      Watch your spelling, with all the editing software available to you there is no need for spelling mistakes.
4)      Custom the email for the girl. Don’t do a template and just send it to her read her profile.
5)      Always end your email with a question. If she says in her profile she likes snowboarding ask here where the best place she snow boarded was.
6)      Never end an email with I really hope to hear from you or I think we would be really good together.
Keep these things in mind but remember the idea with online dating is not to get a pen pal it is to get a face to face meeting.
Learn To Approach provides great online dating tips for guys. If you want a women to fall in love with you. contact Learn To Approach.

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