So what are the 10 commandments in dating or what rules should be followed when going out on a date…

Actually there’s none. But if there’s any advice to be given or tips to follow there would only be 3 best advice and those three are to “go-out”, “have fun” and “get to know each other better”. Same tips apply for double date.
Being on a double date is a comfortable way to have fun knowing the person when you are still in the stage of being nervous when going out alone with your date. The advantage of having another couple come along on a date is that you never run out of options or comfortable going out knowing your buddy is there to back you up and she also brought along her friend to for your buddy to meet on the date.
This method of dating lessens the stress in the situation especially to those going out on the first date. Or when going out with another couple friends they can boost up your chances of being able to go out on a second date with the person you’re dating by occasionally talking to your date about your positive character traits and assets.
This is good because your date gets to know you better by having other people’s view point of who you are. And both the couples can share the tabs and expenses of the date makes the date double the fun but much less expensive.
It takes away the awkward feeling while still having a blast. And another advantage of being in a double date is that you get the option of choosing whom you had more connection with. This applies to a double date consisting of 2 male friends going out with 2 female friends; this gives the daters the choice of selecting the more suitable person to go out with for the second date where you can go out alone.

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