In other words they go out meet a girl and think that they might not be able to get another girl they put up with for lack of better phrase bullshit behavior from women.

I would even go as far to say that if one of your friends treated you the same way you would quickly cut them out of your life.
For the guy who lives in scarcity of women he will allow a women to flake on dates, make crazy demands on him, throw temper tantrums if she doesn’t get her own way and just basically treat him like crap, but since the guys lives in lack of women he will put up with it or worse he will make excuses for her behavior. Ever been in this situation before?
In most cases I have seen the worse the girls behavior gets the nicer the guy becomes to her, thinking that if he shows what a “nice” guy he is she will change and become nice to him as well. Let me tell you something, this will never happen, this girl will not change.
I am going to let you in on a little secret that most of the average guys out there don’t know, there are millions and millions of beautiful single women out there, in fact there are more women than you could ever meet. No matter what kind of girl you are looking for there will be 1000’s within a very close distance to your house.
No matter the situation there is never a need to put up with bad behavior from somebody male or female, and never in a relationship. Depending on your level of experience with women what I am going to say may or may not make sense to you, a women will always respect a man who stands up to them and calls them out for bad behavior. My personal advice and what I do is I do it from the start, that way I can find out early weather this is something I would like to pursue.
You don’t need to be rude or harsh when you call a woman up on bad behavior, in fact there is never a need to be rude or harsh to women at all. If you are going to call a women for bad behavior be prepared to stand by your convictions. For example if you say to a women “If you show this behavior towards me again that’s it it’s over” and a few days later she does it again you better be prepared to walk away or she will know she can get away with this anytime.
I know this may sound a little harsh when you are first starting out, but believe me if you are not willing to put up with bad behavior from women you will have women chasing you.
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