Have you ever wondered if there is the perfect woman out there for you, the woman of your dreams?

Now the perfect woman for you probably will not be the perfect woman for somebody else I don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” type of woman out there.
I remember when I did a boot camp with a client a few months ago, we walked in and he spotted this girl, she had short red hair and was a little over weight he looked at me and said “If only a girl like that would be interested in me” by the end of the night he got three phone numbers including hers, he threw the other two away and from my last contact with him they are very happy together.
I guess what I am saying here is your perfect woman is just that yours not your friends, partners or brothers. For some reason a guy will stay in a relationship with a girl he doesn’t really like to keep his parents or friends happy. This is a recipe for long term disaster.
Single guys always talk about the perfect woman, but when I ask them to describe her to me they can’t, they will say well she has to have blonde hair or something very general like that. *|FNAME|* what I am asking you to do is make a list of your perfect woman. Once you have a list together she will be a lot easier to find. Ask yourself some questions like.
What does she do?
What does she look like?
What are her hobbies?
These questions are just to start you off, but*|FNAME|* make a list of what your perfect woman is. Now use this list as a guide sure something’s will change but if something is a little different from what you have on your list ask yourself is this ok, if it is great if not then it’s see you later, it not your job to change or control a woman so she will be more like the girl you want, I think it is very important to let your girlfriend be here true self.
Start your list I am sure you will be very surprised with what you come up with, if you would like send it across to me I would love to have a read and give you some tips. If you are finding it hard to make a list of what you want in a woman make a list of what you don’t want in a woman.
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